Really Useful Software .... and they are free!

Computers are everywhere and have become a part of everyday life. While hardware prices are falling, software remains expensive - no wonder Microsoft is one of the richest companies in the world. Although some commercial programs have become virtually irreplaceable, the internet is a source of much useful free software which complement commercial products, some even offering improved or unique functionality. This website is dedicated to these free programs.

Also, look at: where you can download a different shareware programme every day which is free as long as you install it on the same day. is similar. where discount coupons are offered for commercial software of up to 100% (FREE)! where the page on "Software of the day" describes freeware programs you might not have heard of for Windows and iOS.
All these sites are really useful!

What is really useful software?

This is a matter of personal opinion, and certainly this website is not intended to be a catalogue of every freeware programs which has ever been published on the internet (although we do try to list as many sites offering freeware programs as possible). Instead, the software we have included are those which we have tried personally, found really useful, and have therefore kept on our PCs. Hopefully, others will find them really useful as well!

Do you know of any really useful software?

We are always on the look-out for really useful free software and plan to regulary update the website. However, we are not a commercial organisation, and our resources (chiefly time) are limited. If you know of any software which you have found really useful, please contact us - if we decide to include the software on this website, we will of course acknowledge your contribution.

We have no commercial interests

All the software listed are freely available and free to use for personal use. We have no commercial interest in any of the software included on this website.

Adam Magos
London, UK